Rae Ostrander
CEO of Rae Ostrander Group
Rae Ost Accountants in Toronto

"I love working with this firm! Not only do they get my corporate and
personal tax work completed, their monthly payment structure that
includes an advisor service to answer questions and pre plan
expenditures to maximize tax benefits is fantastic".
Jen Sietsma Pescod
Jen Sietsma

 "I used to do all my own taxes, and I didn't realize how much I have
been missing and how much more I could have been utilizing to get my
taxes decreased. Thank you to Dave and his team for all your insight and expertise! My real estate business is much better financially since I switched
to Real File CPA!"
Jenna Raye McKinnon-West
Real Estate Developer, Bedrock Homes Ltd

"Dave and the team at Real File CPA have been a huge asset
to our family business as well as everything to do
with taxes, trusts and real estate".